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Tips to Improve Your Sleep

If you have a difficult time sleeping, there may be a few minor changes you could make to greatly improve your sleep.

First of all, make sure your bedroom is completely dark when you go to bed at night. This includes all artificial lights including televisions, smartphones, and tablets. The light from these devices may prevent a natural hormone called melatonin that body normally releases to induce sleep from being produced.

Another trick to keeping your internal clock on rhythm is to try to keep your sleep schedule as constant as possible. Try to go to bed and to arise at the same time every night and morning.

Don’t use alcohol as a sleep aid. While studies have found that alcohol helps one to fall asleep faster, recent reports show that alcohol can limit REM sleep, which is a necessary for learning and memory. While you may be able to fall asleep faster, you will not sleep as soundly and the sleep you do get will be less effective.

If you can’t fall asleep, get up and do a relaxing activity, such as reading a book. Try to relax your mind and alleviate any stress you may be focused on while trying to fall asleep. Don’t resort to television or other electronics, because as was mentioned earlier, you may prevent your sleep hormone from being produced. After doing a relaxed activity, to go back to bed a half-hour to an hour later when your mind is better prepared to truly get some rest.
Avoid medications if possible. Sleep aids may help you to fall asleep as before, but are you solving the root problem? Try to determine what is keeping you from falling asleep and attack the problem head on. Medications can be habit forming not to mention all of the side effects that can occur when using them on a regular basis.

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