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Is Your Mattress Safe?

For years you have been warned of the inherent risks you should avoid to maximize your health. Cigarettes can cause lung cancer, too much sun can cause skin cancer, abusing medications and toxic fumes are things all of us know to stay away from. But have you ever heard you should be cautious with what you sleep on?

Think about it, most of us will spend about a third of our life sleeping. If the materials we are sleeping on are not good for our health, how will that affect us, especially over a long period of time? Many sleepers report sensitivities to many of the materials that are in common use in today’s mattresses. Some of their complaints include headaches, rashes, and other allergic reactions.
Many of these complaints are due to the various synthetic materials that are added into mattresses. For example, nearly all mattresses use different types of foam as the primary cushioning layer. The primary ingredient that goes into foams are petroleum based chemicals, which when broken down, release toxic fumes. This “off-gassing” contains chemicals that are known carcinogens. Compounded by this problem is the fact that recently, the federal government required that all mattresses be fire retardant. Unfortunately the cheapest way to make a mattress fire retardant is to use chemicals such as boric acid. This chemical has been shown to have health effects in animals and is so toxic that Europe is phasing out the use if it completely.

So if almost all mattresses use foam, and foam isn’t good for you, what should you use? Doctors including allergists, oncologists, and immunologists have suggested that the ideal mattress should use non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal characteristics. A new material called Intelli-Gel is able to meet all of these requirements.

Intelli-Gel, a durable polymer material used in hospitals because of its safety and pressure relieving ability has recently been introduced to the public market in mattresses sold by IntelliBED. These mattresses minimize the use of synthetic foams used in other mattresses and provide cushioning that gives all of the optimal characteristics described above. Furthermore, IntelliBED mattresses all use natural silica for fire blocking and organic cotton or cotton polyester for the quilt layer to create the safest, most durable sleep surface available for home use.

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Dr. David Girgenti