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Do you suffer from SLEEPNESSNESS?

The Insomnia Solutions Program at MedPlus features Mind-Fitness Technology that uses the latest scientific discoveries in brain state management to help you Sleep Better Tonight!


Insomnia doesn’t always have one specific cause. The problem may be your lifestyle habits such as working too much, working swing shifts or traveling. Health problems or medications can also affect your sleep, and many women going through menopause develop insomnia.
The Insomnia Solutions Mind-Fit session uses gentle light and tone pulses to bring down the rapid brain waves associated with stress and sleeplessness while activating the brain waves that make you feel calm, balanced and happy. Once your brain waves are back in balance, your neuro-chemistry will improve and your sleep cycles can naturally return to normal

Stop by the Sleep Wellness Center at Girgenti Chiropractic to try this drug-free solution that will have you sleeping better tonight….and every night.

To get in on this great offer call (815)398-0880